(iL) Soigneur

Inspired by all things cycling, our mission here at (iL) Soigneur is quite a simple one.

We want to make available fantastic, well designed products that are inspired by cycling and all things cycling.

We want our products to be available to everyone, something that can be used both on and off the cycle.

We love design, we love quality, and we love fantastic products.

At the core of (iL) Soigneur is the musette where we offer the following range:

The Classic, (off the shelf and bespoke) our original musette, available in fabrics that change throughout the year. As the seasons change you’ll see kitschy, beautiful bold colours, Harris tweed, waxed cotton and original specials become available. If you sign up to our newsletter we’ll keep you informed of everything at (iL) Soigneur

The Bedrock, inspired by our collaboration with Bedrock Records this is exactly the same as the Classic, only a bit larger and with a bit more padding to take a small laptop or tablet

The Team, a bespoked range of musettes for your shop, team, cafe, or tour. These are made from a really hard wearing waterproof nylon canvas outer, a contrasting ripstop lining, a sturdy strap and a vinyl print of your logo just where you like it

The House, this is the minimal musette, essentially the same as the Classic, albeit without a lining. This musette is made from a really hardwearing cotton fabric and has your logo where you like it


All our musettes are completely bespoked to your exact requirements so if you want to talk about any of your requirements we do please get in contact at: